How we met…

Ok, so this isn’t food related, but I thought I had to share.  I love a good “how we met” story, and I absolutely love ours…plus my husband kinda is the original  impressionable vegan so it’s totally relevant…

30 was approaching for me, I was single and completely happy being single.  Not too interested in dating and happily spent many Saturday nights on the couch watching Star Trek on Netflix and eating takeout.  I was working on my career and spending lots of time with friends, completely happy.

So I talk to my mom one day on the phone.  She had gone to an intuitive for her birthday.  This reading was supposed to be about her but apparently my energy was coming in strong (who would have thought that?).  Anyways, she said the intuitive told her a few things about me that were pretty spot on, as to my career and dating situation.  The woman told my mom that that would all change for me.  She said I would have a so called “dud” and then the next person I dated would be my “marriage partner.” She also said this would happen relatively quickly.

So of course I was skeptical.  There was no way very single me was getting hitched anytime soon.  I had more pairs of yoga pants than dates I had been on in the last four years.  Well let’s just say there was a dud…and then on Father’s Day I get a text from my mom…

I’ll mention that my mom has been going to the same hairdresser since she was pregnant with me.  She was there the day before and was talking to a very nice woman who she has gotten her hair done with before.  Well she had a son, a single son…and my mom wanted me to look him up on Facebook.

Well future hubs beat me to the punch (for the first and last time ever).  Apparently he had had the same conversation with his mom.  We talked for about two weeks planning a date. We were both wrapping up the end of the school year and I was going away with a girlfriend to New York so there was a delay.  When I came back, we went on a date June 27, 2014. He coughed the whole time.  Engaged Feburary 17, 2015 and married July 25, 2015 (all with no coughing!)

I guess the intuitive was not kidding about the quickness of it all.  I’m very lucky.  He has made me very happy (most of the time!) since.






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  1. Susan Crowley Avatar
    Susan Crowley

    Beautiful story beautifully written!


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