Who is the Impressionable Vegan?

…or what is an “impressionable vegan” I guess is another question.  The “impressionable vegan” started at a joke between my husband and I.  During our relationship we’ve bounced back and forth between veganism and vegetarianism to the delight of everyone who has cooked for us.  By New Year’s of 2015 my husband was back on the vegan track…though I was able to talk him into some buttery popcorn for one last time (hence the impressionable vegan) and I eventually jumped on board the vegan train as well.

I am a wife, stepmom, obnoxious dog mom and teacher who absolutely loves cooking for my family and friends.  Give me a few more years of marriage and we’ll see how I feel about that, but as for now I enjoy coming home and whipping something up in the kitchen.

People always ask me what I eat as a vegan and I tell them everything!  As you can see, we certainly don’t go without.  I never judge people for eating meat, dairy, and eggs but I love showing them that you can eat some pretty delicious food without animal products.

Now let’s get cooking…


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