Christmas Recap

I cannot believe how quickly the holiday season flew by this year!  Thankfully we were able to fit in a lot of Christmas cheer in a short period of time (and with a minimal amount of meltdowns to boot!).

Breakfast with a view at Indian Head Resort.

We kicked off the season by heading up to Indian Head Resort.  This is the third year we have stayed there while picking out our Christmas tree.  If you want to time travel to the 1970’s I totally recommend this place.  If you want to stay somewhere luxurious, I think you should look elsewhere.  Personally, we really like staying at Indian Head.  Our trip is always some sort of adventure….but the kids love it and they have both an indoor and heated outdoor pool.  As a parent you can’t beat that.  They do offer Christmas packages, which includes the price of a tree, wreath, and your meals.  We opted out of this package this year and just booked the hotel room.  Honestly, the food is pretty subpar there and the service is pretty horrendous.  We heard some nightmare stories from other guests who ate there on Friday night.  After a minor series of disasters we ended up getting Subway.  We do however, enjoy the breakfast buffet mostly because it’s pretty difficult to screw up a buffet and this year especially because we were given a free breakfast because our room was not ready until 7 pm.  With three kids that curveball was an adventure but we pulled through.

Ride up to NH. Isn’t it beautiful?

Our favorite part of the trip, besides spending copious amounts of time together, is venturing out to get our tree.  We headed to The Rocks in Bethlehem, NH. What a beautiful spot!  And you actually get to cut down your own tree.  This year it was exceptionally cold but we were able to pick out the perfect tree and load it up on top of our car.  If you ever find yourself up in this area during Christmas time I highly recommend this place for a beautiful Christmas tree.


View at The Rocks.
All three boys and the tree made it home.

Dylan and I hosted our annual Deck the Halls Christmas party the following weekend.  We usually like to host this the Saturday after Thanksgiving but with the shorter season this year we decided to get our tree earlier and switch weekends.   I always love the opportunity to make food and hang out with friends.  We were lucky a lot of people were able to take time out of their busy schedules to hang out and have some food and margaritas/sangria with us.  Plus it’s an excuse to dress Sophie and Daisy up in their Christmas best.

Daisy is feeling pretty….

Along the way we were able to see lots of family, friends and of course Santa.  The kids (well not so much Baby C) enjoyed opening their gifts and we were able to spend the day with both my family and Dylan’s.

Baby’s first Christmas.
Soy Bean was slightly overwhelmed.

I’m kicking off my second week of vacation with one sick child and one healthy child (50/50 isn’t bad right?) and looking forward to creating a delicious vegan spread for New Years Eve although I am doubtful we will be awake for midnight.  Baby C has been a super wonderful and amazingly easy baby.  The last two nights he slept about 10 hours straight which outdoes his older brother.  He’s so sweet and loves to smile and we cannot be happier that he is part of our family.  It’s amazing to think just last year he was making me queasy and keeping me from toasting with champagne at midnight.

Baby C feeling cute.

Vegan Breakfast Favorites

Vacation mornings are pretty glorious.  I’m currently on my third glass of iced coffee.  Typically, on school mornings I sit down at my desk before 7 am which means I usually have my coffee and breakfast on the go.  This morning I soaked up not having to go to work.  I got up at 6, went to the gym, swung by the grocery store, and came home to make breakfast.  Right now I’m watching two worker install our fence.  Did I mention I love vacation?


I wanted to share one of our favorite breakfasts, though this isn’t really much of a recipe.  As I’ve mentioned before, easier is better for us these days.  I could seriously eat this every morning.


  • English muffins
  • Tofutti cream cheese
  • chopped scallions
  • chopped tomatoes
  • Everything Bagel seasoning from Trader Joes/ or salt

Simply toast your English muffin, spread cream cheese, and top it with some savory goodness.  I enjoy copious amounts of scallions.


I’ve experimented with my share of vegan cream cheese and Tofutti is my favorite, it’s also the least expensive.  I highly recommend it if you are looking to for a nondairy alternative for cream cheese. The Everything Bagel seasoning really throws this all together.  If you visit a TJ’s I recommend you grab some.  It sort of gives you the everything bagel experience without all the calories.


Now here’s a picture of my cute baby!