He’s Here!

So let’s see, I have an almost eight week old which means I’ve been wanting to write a post for about oh let’s say eight weeks!


Subway subs at 10 pm…sure why not?

As well as I tried to prepare for motherhood, I don’t think I could have ever have grasped the complete fog that encompasses your life when you bring a new baby home.  Days of the week and times of day are completely irrelevant.  We no longer have breakfast, lunch and dinner just (easy) meals at various times of day.

Breastfeeding is hard, like really hard.

Nothing will shoot down your confidence more than being the food source for another human and being told they’re not gaining enough weight.  I think I cried after the baby’s first four doctor’s appointments/weight checks.  The conclusion was he’s a lazy baby and likes to fall asleep when he’s eating. I figured he must be full if he’s asleep.  I’ve learned a few tricks to keep him awake and perk him up but it’s still not easy.  Between the physical demands on your body, pumping, figuring out outfits you can nurse in etc. is a job.  I give props to moms that do this for any amount of time.

80% of what I read in baby books has gone out the window.

Being on bed rest a month before the baby was born allowed me plenty of time to read up on motherhood.  I made a list of all the do’s and don’t’s I felt were important for my baby.  Well let’s just say most of that has been a wash already, and it’s all ok.  Every book I read said to avoid bottles for the first six weeks of life if you plan on nursing.  If a baby has a bottle he will apparently never want to nurse again.  Well my boy had a bottle in the hospital (and believe it or not I cried) and he’s absolutely fine nursing.  It also allows me some freedom to have my husband feed the baby as well as have a date night (well a few hours out more like it).  I was also dead set against giving our baby a pacifier.  Again, he’ll never nurse if he has a pacifier.  Our first night back from the hospital was a nightmare, and I felt that if we used a pacifier it might have alleviated some of our problems.  I of course had to ask our pediatrician and she gave us the green light to use one.  Again he’s fine and he’s been a wonderful sleeper!

I needed more help than I anticipated.  

Don’t get me started about paternity leave.  Dads need way more than five days home with the baby.  Three days of my husband’s paternity leave were spent at the hospital, so I only had two days home with him before he went back to work.  I’m so thankful my mom was able to come and help me.  I had to have a C section so I not only was recovering from major surgery but was also taking care of a tiny human as well.  Without help it would have been impossible for me to take the baby to his appointments or even shower and eat.

Terror out weighed joy at first.  

The baby blues are very real, and I’m finally starting to feel more like myself.  I never could have anticipated the amount of love I experience when I first saw my son.  However, at first that love I felt manifested itself into pure anxiety after we left the hospital.  I questioned my abilities to be a good mom and worried about anything and everything that could possibility happen to him.  Add hormones on top of that and I was terrified.  I would literally cry when the sun started to go down because night time seemed so scary.   I felt so guilty that I was experiencing this joyful life event with a beautiful healthy baby but yet I felt the way I did.

Getting out of the house is complicated but worth it.  

Between bed rest and recovering after delivery I felt pretty isolated.  About a week after the baby was born my husband dropped me off at Trader Joe’s and I had never imaged I could feel so happy picking out lettuce.  We’ve pushed ourselves to do things with the baby whether it’s a walk outside or a trip to see friends.  Knowing I can take him out and he can go places has helped me so much mentally.  Of course he comes with a lot of accessories but still worth it!

Sophie feeling a little isolated like her mom.

Even the most insignificant tasks are complicated.

I feel pretty impressed by the fact my toe nails are painted.  I don’t remember when I painted them but they’re done!  With a baby the simplest things are really accomplishments!  Taking a shower, making a meal, blowdrying my hair… I make a to do lists for myself every days and I’m lucky if I get to half of what I want/need to do even if my list is just to pay a bill, go for a walk with Sophie and do some laundry.  Having a newborn has tested my time management skills for sure.

Trader Joe is new BFF.

Don’t worry I haven’t forgotten my roots as a vegan blogger, we are just in survival mode over here.  Between the nausea of pregnancy and having a baby I haven’t put in too much time in the kitchen but I’m getting back into it.  Stay tuned…


First Parenting Lesson

It’s been a crazy last few weeks here.

If you know me you know I’m a planner.  I’m attached to my calendar, I make to do lists, I love knowing what to expect and what to prepare for.

However, sometimes life throws you a curveball.  I like to think my unborn child is already teaching me a valuable lesson.

I’ve been blessed with a wonderful pregnancy.  Besides the 18 weeks of morning sickness, I’ve felt pretty great.  My back doesn’t hurt, I sleep well, I haven’t gained that much weight while eating anything and everything I want, I could go on and on.  Health-wise every test has been perfect.  I planned on working up until June 9th which was the Friday before Soy Bean’s due date.  I was going to have everything set for the kids, all my meetings and IEP’s done, and I was going to use my remaining sick time for maternity leave.  Everything was planned out perfectly.

At 33 weeks I had a routine ultrasound.  Everything looked good except the baby’s amniotic fluid was a little low, it was within the normal range but on the lower end.  I was told to drink more fluids and come back for another ultrasound in about a week.  I wasn’t too concerned, drank my water and planned on everything being fine like it had always been at every other appointment.

At 35 weeks I went back for another ultrasound.  I might be the only mom that’s sick of ultrasounds by the way.  Soy Bean is frank breech (taking after his Mom), meaning he is head up and his feet are in front of his head.  It looks super uncomfortable and I haven’t seen a good shot of his adorable little face in so long because his feet are in the way.

I had my ultrasound and went in to see the doctor after.  He asked me if I was still working, and as soon as I replied yes he told me I was done and that I needed to be on bed rest.  Once he said “bed rest”, I don’t remember much after that.  I felt great (huge but great), everything had been going so well, how could I possibly have to go on bed rest?

Thankfully, my mother-in-law came to the appointment with me and he sat down with the both of us.  He reassured me that the baby was not in distress, but he needed to be closely monitored, I needed to go into the hospital several times a week for non-stress tests and have weekly ultrasounds to measure the baby’s amniotic fluid.

He scheduled me to have a level two ultrasound the following day to take a closer look at the fluid levels, depending on how that went we could be having the baby the day after.  That was of course when I really felt a sense of how serious everything was.  I could have never imagined having a baby at 35 weeks.  I have had friends who delivered healthy babies earlier than that and took them home from the hospital days later, but still hearing statistics about lung development and survival scared me.

We have been so lucky ever since.  While Soy Bean’s amniotic fluid levels are still low, he has been doing great.  The nurses always comment on how active he is during the non stress tests and he’s been perfectly on point with his growth.  His bladder and kidneys look good, which was a concern with the low fluid.

It’s been hard for me being out of the game early, but I’ve been so fortunate with everyone being so supportive and helpful at my job.  My husband has been an amazing help with cleaning, packing for our move, setting up everything we need for the baby, and cooking for his very hungry wife.  Our friends and families have supported us with visits, drives to appointments, meals, text messages, phone calls, groceries, and so much more.  I am forever grateful.

When everything happened my doctor said he hoped to get us to 36 weeks and I am 38 weeks today!  As long as everything continues to go well this week it looks like we will be welcoming Soy Bean either 6/5 or 6/7.  He’s certainly taught me so much these last few weeks and I’m sure he will have LOTS to teach me very soon. ❤



Checking In…

I can’t believe I survived March (without wine I might add).  In Teacher World March is one of the longest months of the year.  No vacations, no days off (though we did manage to sneak in a snow day), grades closing, and for some reason tons of meeting for us special ed teachers.

I also can’t believe I’m finally in my third trimester.  I’ll be 30 weeks tomorrow and I can hardly believe it.  10 or so more weeks until I get to meet Soy Bean.  It’s so exciting/terrifying!

Knock on wood, I’ve been pretty lucky with this pregnancy.  I’ve been feeling great besides occasionally getting dizzy, at tiny bit of heartburn and sometimes having trouble getting up from the couch (it’s not a pretty sight).  I haven’t had any random strangers try to touch my stomach and no one has preached to me about drinking caffeine.  I’ve been lucky enough to have my mom take me clothes shopping and have found some nice deals myself.  My sister-in-law advised me when I was first pregnant that I should make an investment in some good maternity clothes.  I have to say I totally agree. When you enjoy what you’re wearing it can make your day, especially when your body is changing daily.

Now back to food.  I was scrolling though the pictures of my phone I realize my husband and I have hit up some great vegan places since the last time I posted so I guess I have plenty to write about.  Date nights will be few and far between once this baby comes so we are taking advantage now 🙂

Oatmeal Stuffed Pancakes

Very hungry pregnant lady here.

Very hungry.

Today I learned that hungry+pregnant+grocery shopping = $40 over budget.  Oh well, it was totally worth it.  I loaded up on lots of veggies, fruit, tofu, and lots of other healthy foods as well as some not so healthy items (vegan ice cream, ramen, etc.)

My grocery run/shopping spree was fueled by a delicious breakfast I made this morning.  Way back in the day, I used to go out to brunch with friends a couple of times a month.  We frequented this (what we considered) fancy place is Wellesley (of course everything is fancy in Wellesley).  Anyways, this spot had an awesome brunch menu.  This was before my vegan days so I indulged in almost every meatless option on the menu.  The other night their oatmeal stuffed pancakes popped into my head through the magic of Facebook.

Pregnant Sarah loves pancakes.  Non pregnant Sarah liked to subject her family to tofu  scrambles and tater tots (and mimosas for the 21+ crowd), but non pregnant Sarah has a sweet tooth.  I haven’t heard any complaints…

I tried my best with these pancakes, the whole “stuffed” factor was the trickiest part, but if I can do it you can too, trust me.  If the “stuffing” proves too difficult you can always make the oatmeal pancakes and top them with the fruit of your choice, but come on, take the risk.


  • 1 1/2 cups flour
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1 tablespoon oil
  • 3/4 cup old fashion oats
  • 1/2 cup almond milk
  • 1 1/4 cup water

For the filling

  • 1 1/5 cup fruit of your choice (fresh or frozen)
  • 2 tablespoons sugar

First I mixed together my oats and almond milk and set it aside.  Next mix together flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt in a large bowl.  Add water, oil, and soaked oats to your bowl and stir together.

In a sauce pan over medium heat add fruit and sugar and let the fruit cook down.  I used a frozen berry mix we had on hand.  I thought it came out pretty good.  I think this could be great with fresh blueberries or strawberries.  If my husband wasn’t so grossed out by bananas I would give those a shot too.

I used my cast iron skillet and coconut oil for cooking our pancakes.  I dished out about 1/4 of a cup of pancake batter onto the skilled and let that sit until I could see bubbles in the bater. Next I added a spoonful of my fruit filling and topped the pancake with some more batter enough so that it covered the filling.  I let that cook slightly longer then flipped the pancake.  It took a couple of minutes to cook each pancake, use your best judgment.  The nice part about vegan pancakes is that you don’t need to worry about raw egg!  It’s important not to let your pancake cook too long before you add the filling and top it off or else your pancake will be very uneven.


I topped these off with some maple syrup and powdered sugar.  I loved this breakfast, I think the oats added a nice texture and richness to the pancake.  I will be making these again for sure.  Anyone want to come over for brunch?


Checking In…

One of my goals for the new year was to blog more, apparently I’m already failing at that!  It’s been a busy January with lots to do at work and busy weekends seeing friends and family.  We chose to hibernate for MLK day and I’ve been enjoying it even though I always feel like I should be doing more.


We started today off with a delicious juice.  I’ve been juicing quite a bit this pregnancy every since my husband retrieved his old juice from his parents’ basement.  Juicing can be time consuming, messy, expensive…but so delicious, and honestly after  I drink a fresh juice I feel rejuvenated.  I’ve been gravitating towards apple, carrot and ginger juices.  I usually like to add something green in there like kale, but I didn’t grab any this weekend during my grocery haul.  Today I did throw a lemon in there.  I could drink this everyday, though I know I should try to balance it more with leafy dark greens.


I ventured out to Target to grab a shower liner (it wouldn’t be a weekend with at least one trip to Target).  I was going to check out Bed Bath and Beyond but honestly I was SO hungry.  I’m adjusting to my rediscovered appetite.  After months of feeling constantly queasy it’s nice to finally feel the desire for food again, even though I go from zero to ravenous rather quickly.  I had to go home to make lunch, I need to eat or else I’ll feel sick and if you ask my husband…hangry!

Yesterday we visited my brother and his partner and went out for dinner at Red Lentil.  I’ve done a write up for Red Lentil on here before and it did not disappoint.  I didn’t take a picture of it, but we order the vegan nachos for an appetizer and it was awesome!  The hubby and I have a gift card and we will be ordering those again next time we are there.  I got the shepard’s pie, which was delicious and huge!  My husband had the leftovers for lunch today, easy work for me!

Hence the hibernating of today…I did do some laundry and made scones that I will share on here.  Also, got in some puggle snuggles.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!  I’m currently waiting for the boys to finish making root beer so I can get in the kitchen and attempt to make some vegan steak bombs for our dinner tonight.

Speaking of boys, this house is going to be full of boys soon.  We can officially announce that Soy Bean is going to be a little boy!  I’m surrounded!  Sophie and I are going to really have to stick together.


I’m very excited, and not surprised at all.  When I first found out I was pregnant I had a strong boy vibe almost instantly.  However, as far as pregnancy symptoms go, I’ve been experiencing typical “girl” symptoms, like craving sweets, morning sickness and so on.

My husband is so excited about having two boys, he’s already planning camping trips.  It’s going to be a long time before he takes my baby out into the woods though…However, when he does I have big plans for the couch and a glass of wine.

As far as baby clothes go, I know everyone says it’s fun to shop for a girl but I love the little boys’ clothes I’ve been seeing.  I’ve always enjoyed shopping for my stepson (he’s one well dressed kid thanks to me…and my mother-in-law and mom of course) so shopping for a little baby is going to be that much more of a cuteness overload.

The highlight of my vacation this week (besides seeing family, having awesome date nights, and eating delicious food) was hearing my son’s heartbeat for the first time.  We had a doctor’s appointment on Thursday morning and luckily my husband was able to come.  Before we’ve only see Soy Bean’s heartbeat in the ultrasound so I was super pumped (see what I did there) to hear it.  We even heard him flip over, he’s very active in there, I’m sure I’ll appreciate that when I can actually feel him.

I hope that you all have a wonderful New Year. It’s strange to have a weight gain goal for 2017!