Checking In…

I can’t believe I survived March (without wine I might add).  In Teacher World March is one of the longest months of the year.  No vacations, no days off (though we did manage to sneak in a snow day), grades closing, and for some reason tons of meeting for us special ed teachers.

I also can’t believe I’m finally in my third trimester.  I’ll be 30 weeks tomorrow and I can hardly believe it.  10 or so more weeks until I get to meet Soy Bean.  It’s so exciting/terrifying!

Knock on wood, I’ve been pretty lucky with this pregnancy.  I’ve been feeling great besides occasionally getting dizzy, at tiny bit of heartburn and sometimes having trouble getting up from the couch (it’s not a pretty sight).  I haven’t had any random strangers try to touch my stomach and no one has preached to me about drinking caffeine.  I’ve been lucky enough to have my mom take me clothes shopping and have found some nice deals myself.  My sister-in-law advised me when I was first pregnant that I should make an investment in some good maternity clothes.  I have to say I totally agree. When you enjoy what you’re wearing it can make your day, especially when your body is changing daily.

Now back to food.  I was scrolling though the pictures of my phone I realize my husband and I have hit up some great vegan places since the last time I posted so I guess I have plenty to write about.  Date nights will be few and far between once this baby comes so we are taking advantage now 🙂

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!  I’m currently waiting for the boys to finish making root beer so I can get in the kitchen and attempt to make some vegan steak bombs for our dinner tonight.

Speaking of boys, this house is going to be full of boys soon.  We can officially announce that Soy Bean is going to be a little boy!  I’m surrounded!  Sophie and I are going to really have to stick together.


I’m very excited, and not surprised at all.  When I first found out I was pregnant I had a strong boy vibe almost instantly.  However, as far as pregnancy symptoms go, I’ve been experiencing typical “girl” symptoms, like craving sweets, morning sickness and so on.

My husband is so excited about having two boys, he’s already planning camping trips.  It’s going to be a long time before he takes my baby out into the woods though…However, when he does I have big plans for the couch and a glass of wine.

As far as baby clothes go, I know everyone says it’s fun to shop for a girl but I love the little boys’ clothes I’ve been seeing.  I’ve always enjoyed shopping for my stepson (he’s one well dressed kid thanks to me…and my mother-in-law and mom of course) so shopping for a little baby is going to be that much more of a cuteness overload.

The highlight of my vacation this week (besides seeing family, having awesome date nights, and eating delicious food) was hearing my son’s heartbeat for the first time.  We had a doctor’s appointment on Thursday morning and luckily my husband was able to come.  Before we’ve only see Soy Bean’s heartbeat in the ultrasound so I was super pumped (see what I did there) to hear it.  We even heard him flip over, he’s very active in there, I’m sure I’ll appreciate that when I can actually feel him.

I hope that you all have a wonderful New Year. It’s strange to have a weight gain goal for 2017!



Happy Holidays

It’s a rainy Saturday here, I can’t imagine if this was snow!

I’ve spent most of my day so far in the kitchen and I’m happy to do so.  It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve been comfortable cooking.

I had fun rummaging through my cookbooks and the internet to find the perfect Christmas Eve menu for my family.  I knew I wanted to make some sort of soup.  When I was a kid we always had clam chowder on Christmas Eve.  Obviously, that meal is out of the running these days so I had think outside the box.

I love the Minimalist Baker.  Her recipes are simple and delicious.  I usually have most of the ingredients on hand already.  I made her summer corn soup, which I found on her website.  My husband said it was one of his favorite soups ever.  I think I’m going to make a New Year’s resolution to make more soup…

I paired the soup with Chloe Coscarelli’s Italian quesadillas.  They were a big hit!  I didn’t think it was going to be a lot of food but we were stuffed.



Over the course of the day I also cranked out some English muffin breads (so much work, so much flour everywhere!) and a fruit salad.  Phew!

I was most pumped about the lack of queasiness all day.  I was a little nervous about chopping an onion for the soup but I was able to pull it off.  I’m so grateful to be feeling a little bit back to myself.  16 weeks tomorrow!

Of course now the lower back pain is starting to kick in a little bit.  I had my husband rub my back for me last night and that seemed to help.  I love a good back rub so I guess I have a pretty excuse to ask for one now!



I also ventured into the maternity section at Target this week.  I’ve been eyeing some dresses there, and guess what…they were on sale this week.  I went back yesterday and bought a pair of jeans as well.  I had been wanting to buy a pair of dark grey jeans since before I got pregnant but I hadn’t found a pair I liked.  Well I bought a maternity pair yesterday.  Guys, maternity jeans are awesome.  I think I’m going to wear them for the rest of my life.

Tomorrow our parents are going to find out if they’re going to have a grandson or granddaughter.  We’re so excited to share the news, and even more so to not have the secret anymore!  Happy holidays!

Dylan’s “Dirty” Potato Salad

Everything tastes better when someone else makes it for you right?

Well I think I’m a pretty good cook but I love when someone else cooks for me.

Farm share goodies this week!

We pick up our farm share box every Friday and this week was our best box so far.  It had peppers, tomatoes, lettuce, corn, potatoes and so on.  The potatoes were our firsts of the season and my hubby promised me that he would make potato salad.


  • 7 small potatoes
  • 1 cup vegan mayo
  • dill weed (about 1 tablespoon)
  • salt to taste

Dylan insisted I call this recipe “dirty” potatoes because when he peeled the potatoes he left some of the skin on.  I don’t know if that was to cover up some less than proficient peeling skills or on purpose but we will refer to this recipe as “dirty” potato salad.

He first peeled the potatoes and chopped them up into bite size pieces.  Next he placed the potatoes in a pot with boiling water and left them in until they were soft (15-20 minutes).  Once the potatoes were tested with a fork for appropriate softness he drained them from the pot and placed them in the fridge to cool off for about 30 minutes.


After about a half  hour he took out the potatoes and added mayo, dill, and salt.  We love dill in our house but the amount you want to use is totally up to you (same with salt).  As for vegan mayo we have a preference in our house.  We buy Just Mayo.  I’ve seen it at a few stores including Target (Target is my happy place).  It’s by far the best mayo (vegan or not) that I’ve ever had.

Just Mayo and Pepe my rooster painting.

Once Dylan added the seasonings and mayo he put the potatoes back in the fridge to continue to cool off some more.  I have to say, you could bring this to a cookout and no one would realize it wasn’t vegan unless you told them.  Super simple.  Super easy.  Even a husband could make it. 🙂

Vegan Dining: The Friendly Toast

As I mentioned before, the hubby and I just got back from an awesome little vacation.  It’s always so nice to get away from it all.  No cleaning, no laundry, no checking emails and my manicure still looks fantastic from Sunday.  Yeah vacation is pretty awesome.

On our way up to Portland, Maine, we stopped at The Friendly Toast in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  This was a trip down memory lane for my husband.  A long long time ago he was an undergrad student on the north shore.  He and his friends would venture up to Portsmouth for some good food (who likes dorm food anyways?).

One of the appeals of this spot is that is veggie friendly.  Yay!  If you are a vegetarian/vegan you know that breakfast can be tricky when you’re dining out.  I would probably consider it the most difficult meal eat as a vegan.  Although, their menu is more vegetarian friendly than vegan friendly, there were plenty of options.   No sticking to a fruit cup and plain bagel here!


The hubby and I were living it up on vacation so we started with the orleans fries.  They were the perfect balance of savory, spicy and sweet.  They just might be the best fries I’ve ever had.  Seriously.  They come with sour cream which we omitted from our order, but I would be curious how vegan sour cream would have accompanied these babies.


I appreciated that their egg scrambles could be substituted with tofu.  That’s an option I wish more places had.  However, I order the “so it ve-gan” which was the only vegan scramble on the menu (the other scrambles you could easily order without cheese).   This scramble came with black beans, kale, roasted red peppers, corn salsa, salsa verde and tortilla strips.  It was tasty.  I was a little disappointed in the home fries and pretty much left them alone.  I wanted to order a side a veggie sausage, but sadly the sausage and bacon veggie options were not vegan.  My meal did however come with toast.  They make their own fresh bread and it was delicious.  I did wish they had vegan butter for it however.


My husband ordered the falafel wrap which was always his go to in his college days.  He was a little disappointed in it as well.  I tried a few bites with no expectations and it honestly wasn’t that special.


I appreciate the veggie friendly options on the menu but wish they had more vegan options.  When you’re offering so many tofu options I think it would make sense to have vegan meats and butter to accompany those meals, but then again I’m not in the restaurant business.  Overall, I would recommend this place and visit it again…if not just for those fries!

Newlyweds No More

I cannot believe I’ve been married for a year!  Well technically a year +2 days as I write this…

The hubby and I just got back from a little excursion to Portland, Maine.  We hiked, hunted for sea glass, took in a minor league baseball game and ate some awesome vegan food (which obviously I will post about later).


On our last morning in Portland we visited the “Love Locks Fence” and contributed our own lock.  This is significant to me.  The last time I was in Portland I was visited with my parents.  My mom reminded me that when I saw the locks on the fence I stated that I would never have anyone to do that with.  I never imagined that the next time I would be in Portland I would be visiting with my husband.


I can’t believe a year of marriage has passed already.  I remember our wedding like it was yesterday.  I am so thankful everyday to have a partner  I trust, he supports me, he respects me, and he loves me more than I ever thought I deserved.