Vegan Dining: Sam Diego’s


So I’ve reached that awkward point in adulthood where my childhood nightmares become my happiest dreams.  My husband and I are buying a house in the town where I grew up and I could not possibly be more excited.  It’s close to our families, our jobs (I was commuting about two hours last year back and forth to work), and it’s located on the beautiful (well at least I think it is) south shore of Massachusetts.  Fifteen year old me would find it totally lame to move back to the town I grew up in. So boring!  Adult Sarah is pumped.

Thankfully, this town has diversified and opened up more restaurants and grocery stores than where available when I was a kid.  I think the only restaurants in town when I was growing up was the “fancy” Italian place that served too much garlic (but can you really ever have too much garlic?) and Unos.

We plan on venturing out once in awhile, but as many of you know, buying a house means a change in the way you spend money.  Frankly, I’m looking forward to cooking more.  When we’re not eating Subway, my family and I have been living off of four plates and a pan the last month in anticipation for this move.  I’m excited to be reunited with my Fiestaware and real wine glasses.  I’m also transitioning into an awesome kitchen with more than three feet of counter space.  Woot woot!

We’ve spent quite a bit of time on the south shore this year, mostly for baby’s doctors appointments, visiting family and stalking our new house, and we’ve been lucky enough to have a few dates nights here in there.  My husband and I are blessed with wonderful parents that love our kids and actually WANT to spend time with them.  Last week we dropped baby boy off with my parents and ventured out to the Plymouth waterfront.

There are few things in life more enjoyable than a margarita the size of your head.

Though not the most original dining conquest we went to Sam Diego’s in Plymouth and were not disappointed.

I guess it’s hard to be disappointed when you order $40 dollars worth of (mammoth) margaritas (we got good tequila okay?), but no seriously, we were not disappointed.  While they have a vegetarian section on their menu they actually have a separate special menu with vegan options.  You just need to ask for it.   We ordered the black bean burritos and quesadilla to split.

“Special” menu. Gluten-free options were on the back as well.

The wonderful thing about Mexican food is that meat can very easily be replaced (via beans).  At home when I make a Mexican based meal I usually will incorporate vegan cheese and sour cream.  This meal had no vegan substitutes but we were not missing out at all.  The quesadilla was my favorite, and had caramelized onions in it which gave a nice meatiness to it.  Everything was really delicious, and I don’t think that’s much the margaritas talking.

The hubby and I have find Mexican restaurants pretty easy places to remain vegan when dining out.  Worst case scenario, you order something with beans and hold the  cheese and sour cream.

Speaking of bean dishes, once we’re all moved and settled (and most importantly have internet) I need to share my chili recipe.  I can’t believe I haven’t shared it yet!

I hope you’re all enjoying the last days of summer!



Checking In…

One of my goals for the new year was to blog more, apparently I’m already failing at that!  It’s been a busy January with lots to do at work and busy weekends seeing friends and family.  We chose to hibernate for MLK day and I’ve been enjoying it even though I always feel like I should be doing more.


We started today off with a delicious juice.  I’ve been juicing quite a bit this pregnancy every since my husband retrieved his old juice from his parents’ basement.  Juicing can be time consuming, messy, expensive…but so delicious, and honestly after  I drink a fresh juice I feel rejuvenated.  I’ve been gravitating towards apple, carrot and ginger juices.  I usually like to add something green in there like kale, but I didn’t grab any this weekend during my grocery haul.  Today I did throw a lemon in there.  I could drink this everyday, though I know I should try to balance it more with leafy dark greens.


I ventured out to Target to grab a shower liner (it wouldn’t be a weekend with at least one trip to Target).  I was going to check out Bed Bath and Beyond but honestly I was SO hungry.  I’m adjusting to my rediscovered appetite.  After months of feeling constantly queasy it’s nice to finally feel the desire for food again, even though I go from zero to ravenous rather quickly.  I had to go home to make lunch, I need to eat or else I’ll feel sick and if you ask my husband…hangry!

Yesterday we visited my brother and his partner and went out for dinner at Red Lentil.  I’ve done a write up for Red Lentil on here before and it did not disappoint.  I didn’t take a picture of it, but we order the vegan nachos for an appetizer and it was awesome!  The hubby and I have a gift card and we will be ordering those again next time we are there.  I got the shepard’s pie, which was delicious and huge!  My husband had the leftovers for lunch today, easy work for me!

Hence the hibernating of today…I did do some laundry and made scones that I will share on here.  Also, got in some puggle snuggles.

Orange Julius

I can feel summer slipping away already.


Back to reality soon.  It’s been an amazing summer.  We just got back from my best friend’s wedding in upstate New York where I was proud to be one of her maids of honor.  Since then we’ve been trying to fit in our final beach days, time at the pool and long walks at World’s End.  Sigh.


We are, however, looking forward to fall.  Who doesn’t enjoy the plethora of pumpkin flavored foods and scents?


But before I go into pumpkin mode I am going to soak of the last of this crazy hot and humid weather, and while I do that I’m going to enjoy a nice frozen drink.  Now, I couldn’t tell you the last time I had an orange julius but I always knew I liked them.  I finally attempted to make a vegan version of the drink and it was a hit!  Here’s what I did.


  • 12 oz Trader Joe’s organic orange juice concentrate
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • 1 cup unsweetened almond milk
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 2 cups of ice

You will need a blender powerful enough to blend ice for this.  We are lucky that we have a Vitamix at home which does the job nicely.  First I blended the vanilla extra and almond milk together, then added the rest of the ingredients.  I blended until I could no long hear any ice.


I loved this drink, I only wish it was a little lower in calories.  The orange concentrate certainly packs a punch in that department.  Oh well.  This drink is perfect for a hot summer day and can be enjoyed by the whole family (except for the dog).  Cheers!

Vegan Dining: Holy Donut

Oh Holy Donut.  Your donuts were so delicious.

Vegan’s don’t get to indulge in donuts too often.  I’ve made my own at home with our five year old, but besides that I haven’t had a donut in a long time.

This is why Holy Donut is awesome.  They offer not one but two vegan options!

The secret ingredient to these donuts are Maine potatoes, which I found fascinating.  The texture was moist and melted in your mouth.  We ordered the cinnamon sugar donut and fresh berry glazed donut.  I thought I would gravitate more towards the cinnamon sugar donut but I really enjoyed the berry as well.  You could tell these donuts were made with fresh ingredients.  Sorry Dunks.


We ordered some cold brew iced coffee as well.  Get this, they put iced cubes with iced coffee already in them!  Wow!  That’s an idea I thought was original but I’ve been too lazy to actually carry it out.

Anyways, if you’re in the area you need to check this place out.  I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

A Cooler Margarita

Who doesn’t love a margarita in the summer time?

I find when I order a margarita at a restaurant it can be hit or miss so I love making my own at home!

I recently did some experimenting and came up with what I think (and so does my husband) is a pretty yummy concoction.  Best of all, you can find all the ingredients at Trader Joe’s.



  • 2 ounces  Trader Joe’s Watermelon Cucumber Cooler
  • 2 ounces Trader Joe’s Margarita Mix (or fresh lime juice or limeade)
  • 1 ounce of your favorite tequila
  • 1 ounce  triple sec
  • 1 fresh lime wedge
  • sugar and salt (yes mixed together) to rim your glass

This will yield you one generous margarita.  Throw all your ingredients into a shaker with some ice and obviously shake.  It’s a nice little arm work out and you get a delicious drink out of it.  I find the watermelon cucumber cooler is a little sweet for my taste so the margarita mix tones that down for me.  The sugar and salt rim compliments this drink nicely as well.

My boys are out camping tonight so I’m going to enjoy one of these out on my deck.  They both also have an aversion to seafood, both real and vegan, so I’m making myself some “crab less” crab cakes by Gardein.  If you are vegan and used to enjoy seafood you must try these.  They are so good and taste like the real deal.