Meet Daisy

Okay guys, I think my husband and I are officially crazy.

Either that or we need to go into the puggle retirement home business…

Please welcome the newest member of our family, Daisy.  Daisy is an 11 year old puggle we rescued last week.

So here’s the story.  Last week I was a little bored so I decided to check out  I plugged in pugs in the Boston area and this adorable girl popped up.


I read her bio and immediately fell in love.  Who couldn’t love that face?  She reminded me so much of our Sophie and I couldn’t imagine her spending the rest of her days in a shelter. I texted my husband and I must have caught him at a good time because he said we could get her!

Long story short, my stepson drove into Boston the very next day to meet Daisy.  When we arrived they brought Daisy out from her cage.  She was more interested in the treats we had for her at first, but we took her out and you could just tell she was a sweet dog.  The adoption process was super quick and easy.

Daisy was surrendered by her family earlier this month.  She had been with them since she was a puppy, but they were moving and could not have her at their new home.  I can’t imagine how difficult that must have been.  When we rented our last apartment it was challenging to find a place that was pet friendly and affordable.  I have zero judgement and I can tell by her temperament she was a very loved dog.

She came from a family with three children, and you can tell because she is very comfortable with our kids.  She loves to snuggle and snooze and is just the sweetest.  She makes Sophie look young for sure since she’s a little overweight and has some arthritis.  I know adopting a senior dog has some challenges, but if you’re looking for a gentle friend who loves nothing but head scratches and snuggles it’s the way to go.  She’s a healthy dog, but I understand she is older.

No matter how long we’ll have with her we will love her every single day for the rest of her life.





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