A word about this week…

Okay, I haven’t bought at new purse since 2013, but I know who Kate Spade is and I was saddened to hear about her passing.  This morning the buzz in the teachers’ room was Anthony Bourdain’s suicide.

Now I knew him.  Although we didn’t really share the same diet at all I enjoyed his show on CNN.  Who could have had a better life?  He was rich, handsome, had a beautiful girlfriend, traveled the world, ate the best food, and so on….what more could you ask for?

You never know.  You never ever know.  I really think if you could take something away from this week it’s that depression does not have a poster child.  Depression comes in all shapes and sizes.  It can hit you at any income or relationship status and so on.

It’s really too late in the evening to be profound but I hope that if anyone can take anything away from this week it’s that there is no fault/weakness/guilt in reaching out for help.  If I can do it you can too!  Tonight I wonder how my new mom friends are doing.  We talk, we text, we visit, but how are they REALLY doing?

If you are thinking of hurting yourself go to the nearest hospital, Uber, call 911, call your neighbor, call a friend.

Your possibilities are endless.







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