Checking In…

One of my goals for the new year was to blog more, apparently I’m already failing at that!  It’s been a busy January with lots to do at work and busy weekends seeing friends and family.  We chose to hibernate for MLK day and I’ve been enjoying it even though I always feel like I should be doing more.


We started today off with a delicious juice.  I’ve been juicing quite a bit this pregnancy every since my husband retrieved his old juice from his parents’ basement.  Juicing can be time consuming, messy, expensive…but so delicious, and honestly after  I drink a fresh juice I feel rejuvenated.  I’ve been gravitating towards apple, carrot and ginger juices.  I usually like to add something green in there like kale, but I didn’t grab any this weekend during my grocery haul.  Today I did throw a lemon in there.  I could drink this everyday, though I know I should try to balance it more with leafy dark greens.


I ventured out to Target to grab a shower liner (it wouldn’t be a weekend with at least one trip to Target).  I was going to check out Bed Bath and Beyond but honestly I was SO hungry.  I’m adjusting to my rediscovered appetite.  After months of feeling constantly queasy it’s nice to finally feel the desire for food again, even though I go from zero to ravenous rather quickly.  I had to go home to make lunch, I need to eat or else I’ll feel sick and if you ask my husband…hangry!

Yesterday we visited my brother and his partner and went out for dinner at Red Lentil.  I’ve done a write up for Red Lentil on here before and it did not disappoint.  I didn’t take a picture of it, but we order the vegan nachos for an appetizer and it was awesome!  The hubby and I have a gift card and we will be ordering those again next time we are there.  I got the shepard’s pie, which was delicious and huge!  My husband had the leftovers for lunch today, easy work for me!

Hence the hibernating of today…I did do some laundry and made scones that I will share on here.  Also, got in some puggle snuggles.





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