Coming in June…

We’re having a baby!

We could not be more excited.  Our little Soy Bean will be joining us around June 11.


I was cocky at the beginning of this pregnancy.  I was only feeling a little tired, but still eating all my usual veggies, hot sauce, etc.  Then week 7 hit me.  Hard.

So tired.  So sore.  Sore incredibly nauseous.  My tastes in food completely changed.  My whole life I’ve loved savory foods, veggies, and so on.  After week 7 I couldn’t not even look at broccoli.  Or even think about it.  Gross.

From week 7 to week 12 this baby and I have pretty much lived off of Rice Krispies and almond milk.  For food craving I have been leaning towards fruit, especially pineapple and grapefruit.  I’ve also been gulping down grapefruit juice.  My husband thinks I’m crazy.

Today I’m 15 weeks and finally starting to feel better.  I’ve heard good things about the second trimester and I’m looking forward to them.  The first trimester was tough.  I worried a lot about Soy Bean.  I was amazed how little you see your doctor during early pregnancy.  I found out I was pregnant at 4 weeks and 1 day.  When I called they scheduled me for an ultrasound for three weeks later!  It seemed like forever, and I was partially convinced that nothing would show up.

But there he/she was.  Our little blog with a fluttering 158 beats per minute heartbeat.  It was incredible to see for the first time.  After that first doctor’s appointment I finally started to relax a little bit.

We’ve seen Soy Bean one more time since at 12 weeks and it’s amazing how much he/she has grown.  Soy Bean was stretching and tossing around a lot.   I already know what his/her nose will look like since the ultrasound profile looks a lot like my stepson and nephew.  We had good news with our genetic testing which was a relief and we found out the gender!  Now I am looking forward to feeling better, gaining some weight (I lost 6 pounds my first trimester), buying some maternity clothes, and planning for this kid.

We are waiting to tell our parents the baby’s gender on Christmas, and it’s been a hard secret to keep since my husband and I are already calling the baby by his/her name sometimes.

In food related news, I think I’m finally starting to get my appetite back.  Yay!  I’m planning our Christmas Eve meal and am excited about cooking it.  Or at least right now I feel I can cook it right now.  I have made very few meals in the last few months, and I’ve missed being in the kitchen.  I’m so grateful that my husband has taken such good care of me.  He’s done so much for me in the last few months including extra cooking, cleaning, allowing me to nap whenever I need to, warming up my car for me and the list goes on.  I don’t know how women get through early pregnancy when their partners are not supportive.

So I will be back here soon updating about Soy Bean and hopefully if I keep feeling good I’ll be blogging about some delicious and healthy vegan food.  Now off to do some Christmas shopping.






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