The transition from summer to fall is very real right now.  We’re back to the swing of things at work, I’m starting to wear more sweaters, my home smells like pumpkins and cinnamon, and our weekly farm share box has been out of this world.

Heirloom tomatoes from our farm share.  

If you have the opportunity to participate in a CSA program I highly recommend it.  This was our first year and we love it.  We paid $400 back in April and have picked up a box of fresh fruits and veggies from a local farm every week since June.  Our box goes until the last week in October.  We absolutely love it.  As I write this, I’m chowing down on some concord grapes we just picked up today in our box.  I think they’re the best grapes I’ve ever had and the first time I’ve had concord grapes not in wine form.

We did some apple picking.  Also, tiny pumpkins are a must.  

Don’t worry, I’m still overfeeding my family and friends vegan goodies.  It’s just been so busy, and I’m perfecting some good dishes.  We have lot of fun planned this fall, but I promise to post as many vegan adventures as I can!

Happy pumpkin season!






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