Vegan Dining: Pom’s Thai Restaurant and Noodle House

It’s me again, and yes I’m still writing about our trip to Portland.  When we travel it’s always nice to have a special place in mind to eat, but sometimes the best meals are on a whim.

If you’re a vegan, you know that Asian restaurants are usually pretty veggie friendly.  The hubby and I were craving some Thai food our second night in Portland so we checked out Pom’s Thai Restaurant and Noodle House.  I didn’t do any research on this place besides walking by it a few times over the course of our travels.  We weren’t disappointed.


In addition to their regular menu, Pom’s offers an entirely vegetarian menu as well!  All we had to do was ask them to hold the egg on a few dishes.  We started with the gyoza which was really good.  It was served with yellow mustard which I thought was strange but besides that we enjoyed the app.  We were also STARVING at the time might I add…


For entrees we ordered the pad thai and a veggie stir fry dish.  These were excellent.  Both came with a fried tofu that resembled a chicken-like texture.  You could tell the veggies were nice and fresh and the dishes were served to order.  We ate ever last bite.







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