Vegan Dining: Flatbread Company

Being married for one year calls for a fancy dinner rights?  Ok I’ll settle for pizza and salad, but it has to be some of the best pizza and salad I’ve ever had.

Not a problem!

Flatbread Company came highly recommended to us from several different people so we knew we had to check it out when we visited Portland.

We check into our hotel, walked around downtown Portland (in an attempt to burn off those french fries from lunch) and then put our name in at Flatbread.  It’s probably a good sign when there’s a 45 minute wait on a Monday night.


The hubby and I relaxed and enjoyed the view by the water while we waited.  When we were seated we had a great spot by the windows which has an awesome view of the harbor.

I cannot speak highly enough about our experience there.  The service was great, all the ingredients were organic and fresh, and there were tons of vegan options.

We started with a salad which was probably one of the most delicious and fresh salads I have ever had.  It had locally grown mesclun greens and sweet leaf lettuce along with organic celery, carrots, toasted sesame seeds and Maine sea kelp.  It had the perfect amount of dressing which was a homemade ginger-tamari vinaigrette.  There was an option to add additional organic veggies so we opted for oven-roasted red bell peppers and organic red onions.  I would eat this ever single day.


We ordered a flatbread that was a special of the evening.  I’m trying to remember every delicious ingredient and I believe it had olives, tomatoes, peperoncino, some sort of green and onions.  It originally came with two different types of cheese but our server informed us that we could substitute the cheese for Daiya.  This was a restaurant first for us.


It was awesome and we were able to polish off most of a large flatbread.  The crust was delicious.  I am definitely inspired for our next family pizza night.  If you’re ever in the area visit Flatbread Company for sure.





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