Newlyweds No More

I cannot believe I’ve been married for a year!  Well technically a year +2 days as I write this…

The hubby and I just got back from a little excursion to Portland, Maine.  We hiked, hunted for sea glass, took in a minor league baseball game and ate some awesome vegan food (which obviously I will post about later).


On our last morning in Portland we visited the “Love Locks Fence” and contributed our own lock.  This is significant to me.  The last time I was in Portland I was visited with my parents.  My mom reminded me that when I saw the locks on the fence I stated that I would never have anyone to do that with.  I never imagined that the next time I would be in Portland I would be visiting with my husband.


I can’t believe a year of marriage has passed already.  I remember our wedding like it was yesterday.  I am so thankful everyday to have a partner  I trust, he supports me, he respects me, and he loves me more than I ever thought I deserved.






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