Vegan Dining: Red Lentil

The hubby and I are coming up on our one year wedding anniversary.  I can’t believe we won’t be newlyweds anymore!  After Dylan and I got engaged we went to dinner at Red Lentil in Watertown, MA.  This week we revisited this great spot!

I love to walk, my husband…not so much.  To my amazement I was able to get him to walk a ton with me on Tuesday.  I love to walk especially if I know I’m going to gorge myself on food later.  First we walked at a park close to our house, then I went to lunch with a friend. After that we headed out and visited the Arnold Arboretum.  It was my first time there and it was beautiful.  So many amazing trees, vines, and other plants.  I think it will be breathtaking in the fall.


Next we headed on over to Mount Auburn Cemetery.  I know I know…it’s a cemetery but if you live in the area you might now it as a popular spot to take a walk and see some amazing (and sometimes famous) graves.  We paid B.F. Skinner a visit (he’s the father of ABA, not that you care to know that…)  Then we headed off to dinner.


Red Lentil is a vegan/vegetarian restaurant.  Everything on the menu is vegetarian or vegan but many of their vegetarian dishes can easily be made vegan.  As a vegan it’s so liberating to be able to look at a menu and not have to “hunt” for something to eat!


They have a decent bottled beer/wine list as well as some awesome juices and smoothies.  We ordered the french onion soup and gobi manchurian to start.  We always get the gobi manchurian when we eat here.  It’s amazing how versatile cauliflower can be!  The cauliflower is tossed with Indian seasonings and breaded with chickpea flower and fried.  It’s awesome and we highly recommend it.  For our entrees the hubby order Chimichurri Seitan which was delicious.  It was served with a potato and parsnip mash, chanterelle mushrooms and a shallot gravy.  I ordered the Rustic Paella.  It was ok.  I found myself gravitating more towards eating what my husband ordered (we like to share!).  I think my dish was lacking something and I could have made it better myself.  I won’t be ordering it again.


Anyways, this is a restaurant we would take our non veggie friends to for sure.  If you’re ever in the area make sure you stop by!





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