Vegan Dining: Yard House

My family and I are very lucky to live in an area with tons of history, culture and of course great dining options.  Yesterday we were able to cross all these local attributes off our list.

If you live in the Boston area it’s great to take advantage of all the awesome museums around here.  It’s also important to note that many of these places have a free admission days!  Yesterday was Free Fun Friday at several venues in the area, so we hit up the Museum of Fine Arts.  Free admission days are perfect for bringing kids, they get the experience of attending a museum and as a parent you don’t feel bad about wasting money when your kid craps out in about an hour (if you’re lucky).  I think we were able to get a solid hour and a half in so we were extra lucky.


My husband I are also extremely fortunate to have our parents in the area who are always happy to baby sit for us.  We dropped the off the boy with my in-laws and headed out for dinner.  One of the many perks of being a teacher is that you sometime receive some generous end of the year gifts.  This year my husband was (deservingly) spoiled by some of his students’ families.  We had a gift card we could use at several restaurants so we decided to go to Yard House in Dedham.

If you love beer this is the place for you. Their beer menu is extensive, it took me about 5 minutes to decide on what to order!  As for food guess what…they have tons of vegan options with Gardein products!  Yay!

As vegans sometimes eating out can be an adventure.  My husband and I about 98% of time the time have no problem finding something we can eat even if that means being a little creative.  However, we are occasionally stuck with ordering a side salad (bummer).


I wish I took a picture of all the options on the menu, but they included salads, pizzas, wings and so on.  My husband ordered the vegan burger which was topped with Daiya cheese.  I believe it was a house made burger but I’m not positive.  I took a few bites of his meal (as I always do!) and it was very good.  I ordered the orange peel chicken which was also very good though I wish it came with more veggies.  I was only able to eat about half of it.  The Gardein chicken was fried and crispy and the sauce was very flavorful.  It was very different from something I would make at home.

Our server was very nice and guess what…she was a vegan too!  We talked to her about some of the good vegan places in the area.  My hubby and I have a list of our favorite go to vegan/vegetarian places that I hope to write about on here soon.







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