Father’s Day and Birthdays

It’s a pretty exciting day around here…

  1. I have a half day of school left.
  2. The hubby has 2.5 days of school left.
  3. Father’s Day is tomorrow
  4. It’s the dog’s birthday today!

Sophie turned 9 today.  She’s my first dog and my husband tells me my last.  She’s incredibility annoying but doesn’t have a mean bone in her body.  She’s a sweet and awkward girl.

We celebrated Sophie this morning by making her a tofu “cake” with peanut butter which are her two favorite people foods (she’s a vegan too!).  She received some treats and toys as well.


Later we all went on a sea glass hunt together and found some awesome pieces.


I experimented with making scallion pancakes.  We received so many scallions in our farm share this week!  I love scallions but there’s only so many opportunities to use them.  If you have any other ideas please let me know!  Scallions are one of my favorites and my husband always requests scallions pancakes when we order out.  I figured why not give it a shot myself!  When I have the recipe perfected I will certainly upload it on here.


Now I’m getting ready to make a early Father’s Day dinner.  It’s pretty over the top.  Stay tuned…







One response to “Father’s Day and Birthdays”

  1. The Smiling Pilgrim Avatar
    The Smiling Pilgrim

    Totally hungry now after looking at all these pictures on the “Vegan” tag lol


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