What do vegans eat? Part II

Welcome to cookout season.

When you think of a cookout what do you picture?  I imagine most people would probably visualize hotdogs, burgers, sausages, ribs and so on.  The average American cookout most likely isn’t super vegan friendly.  Fortunately there are some amazing meatless options out there you can arm yourself with when attending such an outing.


Here are some of my favorites that I think are just as good as the real deal (and healthier too!)

Sausages- You know the smell of when you walk outside of Fenway (sub any local baseball stadium) after a game?  That smell is heaven, or in earthly terms sausage, peppers, and onions.  It’s a magical combination of flavor that is far from vegetarian friendly.  But never fear, I have found a substitute that tastes just a good as the real deal and pairs amazingly with peppers and onions.


Tofurky makes an awesome sausage (among other things).  It’s super versatile as well.  I have used it in tomato sauce, sliced it on pizza and so on.  I honestly believe you could trick a meat eater with this sausage.  Add some pepper and onions to these babies and throw them on your favorite roll and you have a perfect cookout meal that no one will dare to tease you about.

Hotdogs- Let’s admit it.  Hotdogs with meat are pretty gross.  I mean do people really know what’s in them?  When I was first a vegetarian way back in high school there were very limited vegetarian options.  Tofu hotdogs were one of them.  I tried and tried to like them, but honestly they tasted like the smell of old library books.  I don’t know how that’s possible.


Anyways, vegan hotdogs have come a long way.  Smart Dogs are delicious and they take the air of mystery out of eating a hotdog.  They are probably our family favorite of all the vegan cookout options.


Burgers Veggie burgers are nothing new, but let me introduce you to the latest and greatest veggie burger I have tried.

I know I’ve said this before, but believe me, Beast Burgers taste so much like a real hamburger.  If you haven’t tried Beyond Meat’s products you need to check them out.  They make vegan meat alternatives made with pea protein instead of soy.  My husband absolutely loves these burgers.  I have only seen the Beast Burgers only at Whole Food and they are a little pricey therefore they are a special treat for us.  I have only cooked them in a pan and I’m dying to try them on the grill this summer!


So see, you don’t have to go hungry at a cookout if you want to avoid meat!  Enjoy!






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